Timmy Broderick

Ohio Transit Headlines — June 25, 2018

As Central Ohio Ages, Region Needs Better Transportation for Seniors (Dispatch)
People Project About the Hyperloop As If It's Been Tested — It Hasn't (Business First)
Want to Escape Columbus? Try These Rural Bike Rides (Dispatch)
Car-sharing Service Zipcar Coming to Columbus (Columbus Underground)

Local ATU President: Fire RTA CEO Joe Calabrese (SCENE)

Busy Thoroughfare Narrowed, Traffic Hardly Changes (WCPO)

Anonymous Call Spurs City to Fix Inaccessible and Illegal Sidewalks (Dayton Daily News)

Ohio Transit Headlines — June 20, 2018

Lot of news out of Cincinnati. Earlier this year, SORTA hired a EY, a local consulting firm, to evaluate the transit authority's finances. Good news? They're making the most out of their meager funds. Bad news? They're looking at a nearly $200 million deficit over the next 10 years. For more, here's coverage from the Courier, WCPO, and the Enquirer. All three highlight different points, so it's worth reading all three.

Elsewhere in Ohio...

Westlake Mayor Appointed RTA Board President (SCENE)

NW Ohio
Extension of Sylvania Bike Trail Gains Approval (Blade)

Ohio Transit Headlines — June 19, 2018

As SORTA Hears from Consultants, Decision on Fall Tax Levy Looms (Enquirer)
More Roundabouts Popping Up in Greater Cincinnati (Enquirer)
Will Driverless Cars Change Ohio? (WVXU)

Smart Columbus Offers Money for Taxi Companies that Go Electric (WOSU)
Dive into the History Behind Some of Columbus' Weirdest Street Names (WOSU)

Scorching Temps Cause Delays on Red Line (News5 Cleveland)

NW Ohio
TARTA Pitches Sylvania, Maumee on Property Tax Increase (Toledo Blade)

Hiroko Tabuchi wrote a super fascinating piece in the NYT that looked at the recent failed transit initiative in Nashville to talk about how the Koch brothers use their wealth to destroy public transit.

Ohio Transit Headlines — June 12, 2018

Blue Ash Unveils Bike Share Program (Cincinnati Enquirer)
Now That FC Stadium is Official, What Will Happen to Parking in the West End? (WCPO)

People Keep Illegally Parking Their Cars on Public Square (SCENE)
RTA CEO Plans to Retire in 2020, Despite the Authority's Numerous Problems (SCENE)

City and ODOT Jockey Over Legalese in Highway Ramp Removal (Dispatch)
Neighborhood Bike Co-op Becomes Community Hub (Dispatch)

Ohio Transit Headlines — June 6, 2018

Hamilton County Commissioners Lobby Against Amtrak Cutting Staff at Union Terminal Station (WCPO)
Streetcar Track Blockage Holds Passengers Hostage Because Asinine Governmental Regulations (WCPO)

Incoming COTA Chief Makes Innovation Top Priority (Dispatch)

City's Red Light Camera Debacle Enters New Stage as NAACP Accuses Discrimination Against Poor, Black Neighborhoods (Dayton Daily News)
Bikers Bemoan Graffiti on Local Trail (Dayton Daily News)
If a Driver Hit a Biker, Why Not Say That? (Dayton Daily News)

Ohio Transit Headlines — June 5, 2018

Lots of Streetcar news today, as the city filed the Connector's FY19 budget yesterday.

Streetcar Budget Shortfall Looming as Revenue Source Falters (Business Courier, WCPO)
Council Ponders Making Streetcar Free to Ride (WVXU)
City Begrudgingly Applies for Grant to Finish Protected Bike Lane (WCPO)
Ohio Senators Lobby Amtrak to Save Cincy Station (Business Courier)

Free Buss Pass Program for Downtown Workers Starts Strong (Dispatch)
Downtown-to-Airport Bus Line Reports Low Ridership (Mass Transit Magazine)

Troy Flirts With Road Diet to Calm Busy Streets (Dayton Daily News)
Object Strikes RTA Bus, Cracking Window Glass (Dayton Daily News)
RTA Rolls Out Route Adjustments (RTA)

Ohio Transit Headlines — May 30, 2018

(Sorry about the delay; it's been crazytown over here.)

Senator Proposes Congressional Bill to Help Fund Western Hills Viaduct (Business Courier)
Bike Trails Across Region Making Headway (WCPO)
Neighborhood Residents Scared to Walk Outside Because of Speeding Cars (WCPO)

Businesses Complain About Proposed Bike Trail Extension (Cleveland.com)

Another #DriverNotVehicle Headline After Driver Kills 8-Year-Old Girl (Dispatch)
City Contemplates Eliminating Street Parking Near Nationwide Hospital? (Dispatch)
Nobody Was Using Car-sharing Service, So It Pulled Out of Columbus (Columbus Underground)

Under the Guise of 'Pedestrian Safety,' Dayton Moves to Criminalize Panhandling (Streetsblog)

Ohio Transit Headlines — May 10, 2018

City Wants Bus-Only Lane, But Council Balks at $150K Price Tag (WCPO)

Kasich Opens All Ohio Roads for Autonomous Vehicle Testing; Pillar Creating Autonomous-Vehicle Lab (AP, Business First)
Data Confirms Highway Police are Racist (SCENE)
COTA Offering Summer Discount for Zoo-Bound Riders (10TV)

Man Shot, Killed at RTA Bus Stop (Cleveland.com)

Local Man Kept School Busses Running for 27 Years (Dayton Daily News)

Related: Interesting article about how one self-driving taxi service will "communicate" with pedestrians. Still, pedestrians will not be safe until our roads are designed for their safety. Removing drivers should help, but it addresses a symptom, not the root cause.

Ohio Transit Headlines — May 9, 2018

Pedestrian Injuries and Deaths On the Rise (WVXU, WDTN 2, Study)

Why Are Kids Having to Do Traffic Officials' Jobs in Dayton? (Dayton Daily News)
Driver Hits Three-Year-Old (Dayton Daily News)

Orange Township
New Multimodal Bridge Set to Open Next Week (Delaware Gazette)

Editorial: Let's Curb Rising Bike Deaths (Canton Repository)


There have been numerous retrospectives and think-pieces since Nashville voted down their transit initiative last week, but I think this piece by Jeff Davis does the best job unpacking the whole debacle.

Ohio Transit Headlines — May 8, 2018

Metro Fare Hikes Could Send Ridership Plummeting (WCPO)
Tune Into WVXU to Hear Region's Bike Leaders Discuss Future
Walking Routes, Skywheel Get Approval from Newport City Commissioners (River City News)

Editorial: Suck it Up, Short North, The Parking Plan is Fine (Dispatch)

Local School Districts Struggling to Fund Transportation After Kasich Budget Cuts (SCENE)



Ohio Transit Headlines — May 7, 2018

Car Hits Man Crossing Street; Police Report Blames Man (WCPO)
Neighborhood Community Council Calling for Safer Streets After Man's Death (WCPO)
After Amtrak Announces Attendant Cutbacks, City Pledges to Fill Holes (WCPO)

Short North Residents Not Satisfied With Residential Parking Plan (Dispatch)
Ohio EPA Gives COTA $400K Grant for Alternative Fuel Vehicles (Green Car Congress)

Motherboard: "Human Bus Drivers Will Always Be Better Than Robot Bus Drivers"

(COTA's public discussion re: automation gets a nice feature in this story. For those unaware, here's a Dispatch story with some helpful context.)

Ohio Transit Headlines — May 3, 2018

Alternative Energy Buses Might Be Coming to Butler County (Dayton Daily News)

Union Terminal Amtrak Station Will Lose Its Attendants (WCPO)
Liberty Township' Proposed Pedestrian Bridge Turns into Proposed Pedestrian-Vehicle Bridge (Enquirer)

COTA Extends Weekday Hours for Downtown Circulator Bus (Dispatch)

Multimodal Transportation Could Transform Lakefront, Says Lorain County (Elyria Chronicle-Telegram)