Timmy Broderick

Ohio Transit Headlines — May 30, 2018

(Sorry about the delay; it's been crazytown over here.)

Senator Proposes Congressional Bill to Help Fund Western Hills Viaduct (Business Courier)
Bike Trails Across Region Making Headway (WCPO)
Neighborhood Residents Scared to Walk Outside Because of Speeding Cars (WCPO)

Businesses Complain About Proposed Bike Trail Extension (Cleveland.com)

Another #DriverNotVehicle Headline After Driver Kills 8-Year-Old Girl (Dispatch)
City Contemplates Eliminating Street Parking Near Nationwide Hospital? (Dispatch)
Nobody Was Using Car-sharing Service, So It Pulled Out of Columbus (Columbus Underground)

Under the Guise of 'Pedestrian Safety,' Dayton Moves to Criminalize Panhandling (Streetsblog)