Timmy Broderick

Belt Magazine

Feb 20, 2018

"In Southwest Ohio, the opioid crisis has driven a record number of children into state custody" 

Using the lens of childhood trauma, I try to answer two questions: how is the opioid epidemic impacting kids in Greater Cincinnati and how will it affect their — and the region's — future?

Cincinnati Business Courier

Nov 7, 2017

"What voters said as they elected Cincinnati's mayor" 

For the 2017 mayoral election, I visited polling precincts and gathered voters' opinions on the three candidates and the state of Cincinnati.


April 4, 2018

"As the opioid crisis rages, this Hamilton County court attempts to repair the families left in its wake"

Since 2001, family treatment drug court has helped drug addicts stabilize and regain custody of their kids. Will Shelley, a single mother and former addict, be the program's next graduate or the next drop out?

Jul 19, 2017

Cincinnati's Next 'Steamboat Moment' 

A Cincinnati politician has a grand plan to unite the area under one regional transit authority. Will it work?

Washington Monthly

May 22, 2017

How Cities Can Protect Immigrants in the Age of Trump 

Highlights Cincinnati's new ID card, which helps immigrants access benefits previously withheld from them and helps the city push a progressive agenda without fear of federal backlash.